Android P | Avalanche Of Features


Android P has been unveiled to the world and it comes with a slew of new features. Android is now smarter than ever. There are features that compete with iOS and then there are improvements that challenge the technological limits of every other corporation on the planet.

Starting off with the basic stuff. Android P now supports gesture controls. This is due to the increasing demand of bezel starved phones. Android P can now be operated by gestures just like the iPhone X. Swiping up opens up multitasking with all new cards interface, which are way better than the previous one. The cards are easy to read even if they are behind the one another. Swiping up again opens up the app drawer. There is a little home button at the bottom of the screen along with a back arrow. Oppo has already launched gestures in their phone for full screen navigation. Let’s see if users opt for Android’s stock navigation or an implementation by any phone manufacturer.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing focuses on all the stats of your phone usage. Users will now be able to keep a track of how much time they spend on their smart devices. This will be baked into the software and shall help people in keeping track of each click they make on an app, the notifications they receive, how many times they wake up their phone and much more. Users will then be able to adjust their smart device usage habit accordingly. Android P will allow you to set limits to app usage and will nudge you when you exceed your daily limits.

There is also a “Shush” mode which will be activated when users flip their phones with screen facing the table. This will activate the do not disturb mode. There will be no notifications apart from texts or calls from your starred contacts.

Android Intelligence

This feature helps optimize the device through machine learning. Android P learns how owners use the phone. It then dedicates CPU usage to the most used apps and shuts down processes running in the background. The learning goes to such an extent that Android learns when users use which apps. This will reduce multiple processes being booted all the time.


Android P is introducing Slices that will help developers in making it more conveinient for users to have access to key app features directly from search. For example, if you want to hail a cab, it will show you an estimate of how much it is going to cost you from work to home. This will be a slice of the app in the search.


App actions are based on prediction of phone usage. How users use their phone when headphone is connected or when they go to the gym. Android P will be able to launch the app right away based on the user habits.

Android P sounds really promising and we hope it is faster and better than ever. Android P

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