Android P Changes Everything


Google has officially launched its latest iteration of Android. Android Pie comes with a lot of new features that is focused on speed of the UI, usability, battery life and animations. The download is available today for Pixel devices. Devices from other OEMs will get their update before fall this year.

Two major battery saving features are Adaptive battery, which cuts off the apps using little resources in the background. This will improve the battery life by more than 10%. Likewise, Adaptive brightness will figure out the ambiance in which you are in and what you are doing on your phone and adjust the brightness accordingly. Both these features will prolong battery life of all devices with Android P.

Slices is another interesting feature where you can search for an app and even use it without installing. If you search for Uber on Google Play Store, it will show you options of going to work or home so that you can request a cab.

App Actions is another useful feature that inserts quick actions at a particular time of the day letting you simply click that action without opening the app. For example, you might see navigation buttons set to your work place in the morning.

There is a new way to interact and navigate with your phone. There are two navigation buttons instead of three now and swiping up from the bottom of the screen gives you options like copying text from one app to the other, searching or sharing, just to name a few.

Notifications are also updated in the latest version of Android P. There are circular previews for messages with smart reply options. These let you reply instantly and will be most useful in busy situations. There are also Digital Wellbeing features on board which track app usage and you can also set timers to avoid overuse of apps. Seems like those long hours on social media will have to be reduced in order to increase productivity.

Android P comes with a lot of new features apart from the ones covered in this article. We will have to review it thoroughly before we feature a detailed article. For now, all Pixel users can download the latest update and enjoy the new features.

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