All major Apple redesigns have been pushed to 2018 as per the speculation since it will be the year of 10th anniversary of iPhone and Apple will have to continue its design language in a somewhat uniform sort of a way. We are expecting that there will be three models of the iPad next year and in t 2018 Apple is expected to implement AMOLED screens in the iPads.

Apple is expected to implement AMOLED screens in the iPads

iPad Pro

The pro model is going to get its second iteration with the same size at 12.9. Apple was criticized a lot at first when they went for this size but then the extra features were an amazing incentive. Like the support of Apple pencil, quad speakers, 4 way ambient light sensors and wider color gamut just to name a few.

iPad 2017

2017 will bring new changes however, we expect to see an iPad pro 2 at 12.5 inch screen size and also a 10.5-inch iPad Pro which will be a first for Apple in that screen dimension. There will also be a third one with a small screen size which will complement the range in a different way. The third iPad is expected to have a 9.7 inch screen size. The larger two siblings 12.9” and 10.5” iPads will be powered by the most powerful processor of Apple at that time which will be the A10X chipset. This will be built on TSMC’s 10nm process. The smaller sibling will be powered by the A9X which the current iPad Pro 9.7 is rocking.

2018 will however bring innovation to the iPad line. Apple is expected to use flexible AMOLED displays for its flagship devices. Until then we are expecting the iPad sales to drop like they have been in the recent past. The much needed innovation might turn the tables around for Apple’s tablet line.

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