Bixby | The Apple Siri Killer?


Samsung Bixby, the most talked about assistant of 2017 has just been finally rolled out for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users around the world. Samsung had to launch this smart assistant with the launch of Galaxy S8/S8+, but they only rolled it out in the US and South Korea. As of today, it has been launched globally.

Bixby is now available with full voice capabilities. Users can now perform multiple tasks just by saying one single Quick Command. This brilliant feature lets users perform multiple tasks on their phones just by saying one single word to their smart assistant. For example, you can just tell your phone goodnight and it will set an alarm for morning 7.00 am, turn on the blue light filter and turn on the ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Third party apps will also get support for Bixby which will help users get a seamless experience throughout their phone usage

Bixby has the capability of understanding natural languages pretty well. Bixby can decipher the way people speak, make requests or ask questions. Bixby has been kept open source, which means if any app supports Bixby, then the user will be able to control the app through voice command as well with almost all the features of his app at his command.

Samsung has a roadmap clearly stating that they would be introducing new languages to Bixby. New devices will also be getting support for Bixby as well. Since it is Samsung’s baby, we hope to see it implemented in most of the devices. Old Samsung phones might not have the technical specifications to support it but most of Samsung’s new phones will feature Bixby. Third party apps will also get support for Bixby which will help users get a seamless experience throughout their phone usage.

To activate Bixby on your phones just press the Bixby button on the side of the phone or by simply saying “hi Bixby”.

Samsung has really pushed itself in all areas and apparently they have the recipe for success as well. Let us know what you think about Samsung’s latest digital voice assistant.

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