Amazon Dash Wand

Amazon Dash Wand | A Smart Assistant & Much More

If you were imagining having a handy digital assistant (as if phones were not enough) then you are in luck. Amazon has launched its Dash Wand which is a digital assistant...
iPads WWDC 2017

iPad WWDC 2017 | New iPads Have It All

Appleā€™s new iPads is all that you have always wanted and a whole lot more. Apple has just updated the iPad Pro lineup and there have been two new additions. The...
iPhone Red

Apple Goes Red Again With A Brand New iPhone & iPad

Apple really shows a big heart with initiatives like these. Apple just announced a red iPhone. So what does the color Red signify? We were really excited on what Apple had...
Note 7 exploding

Note 7 Exploding Flop That Was!

The Note 7 started off as one of the hottest phone of the season literally (pun intended) and slowly Sammy ran into troubles. First off were the battery troubles that were...
Note 7

Note 7! What Could Have Been

The phablet king was here and it is made a grand entrance of its own. We have always known the Galaxy Note to bring in some new intuitive features. This time...

Apple iPad Update Coming 2017. Would You Buy it?

All major Apple redesigns have been pushed to 2018 as per the speculation since it will be the year of 10th anniversary of iPhone and Apple will have to continue its...