CES 2017 | LG W7 OLED Wallpaper Thin TV


    LG just announced one of the best TVs in the world and we are so proud that we can really call it paper thin now. Gone are those days when you would look at a TV and think if it really was what they claimed it was. LG W7 OLED TV that has taken the TV world by a storm.

    LG has been known to produce the best OLED TVs in the world. This time around they have just raised the bar way too high for the other manufacturers. The TV is slightly more than 2 millimeters thick. 2.57-millimeters to be exact. That is credit card thinness right there.

    It is by far the coolest gadget at CES 2017. LG’s OLED TV has all that is required for mind-bending awesomeness. The TV produces great colors and best-in-class contrast since it is an OLED. The black pixels are shut off which produces the deepest blacks you will ever see in your life. The 65-inches model is there to set you back $8000 which is as expensive as buying a small car but hey if you have got the paper then why not spend it on something that will blow minds away.

    The 77-inch model is said to put a dent in your wallet of $20,000. We would prefer you buy a car instead or if you want to go for a cheaper option you can always chose LG Electronics OLED65B6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV on which you can save $1000 and would cost you around $2000.

    You can buy it here

    LG W7 OLED TV comes with a soundbar that has all the processing goods and attaches to the TV with a propriety ribbon cable. The soundbar is sexy and has two up firing speakers the rise from both sides. The TV is controlled through the soundbar which comes coupled with the TV. It sure looks sleek and we couldn’t help but drool over it.

    As the war of OLEDs has started we can only see the prices falling down and new technology being introduced. Sony has launched its OLED that competes directly with the LG W OLED. It has Sony’s processing technology and the goodness of LG OLED panel. You can read our review right here.

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