Cross Platform Gaming! Get Your Xbox and Nintendo Ready


Sony has been one of the most adaptable companies when it comes gaming. Sony has enjoyed immense success in the past due to its not so rigid policies until now. While MS and Nintendo team up for cross platform games, Sony remains indifferent to cross platform demands.

Nintendo’s version of Minecraft is getting a big update, bringing the bedrock engine to Nintendo Switch. This update will enable cross platform play to PC, Xbox and smartphones. One big thing to note is that PS4 won’t be a part of this. PS4 has blocked every form of cross platform play much to gamers’ annoyance. Fortnite, Minecraft and Rocket league players have their accounts at Sony’s mercy and there has been a not so convincing response from Sony on this matter.

There is also a trailer out for Nintendo Switch. The new trailer focuses on cross platform gaming and for the first time ever there is an Xbox controller in a Nintendo commercial. This is huge for gaining more market share by the two consoles. PS4 is sitting on top of the pyramid enjoying huge sales already. Cross platform gaming might have Sony concerned.

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