Galaxy Note 9 Leak


The news of Galaxy Note 9 is out and according to the leaks, the device will feature plenty of new features apart form one major feature which the fans were hoping for. Galaxy Note 8 had slayed its competition with its industrial design and unique feature set.

Galaxy Note 9 will continue the legacy but will skip one major feature. According to Eldar Murtazin, who has been pretty accurate in delivering leaks, says that the new Galaxy Note 9 will not be featuring an in-display fingerprint sensor. We have already seen phone manufacturers implementing in-display sensors in cell phone screens. Although, they are not the fastest in the world but they definitely remove the hardware clutter on a phone. The sensor has been moved to the back of the phone at a lower position. This will assist with better reach for the sensor but it still remains old tech compared to the new in-display sensors.

Major improvements will be found in the internals of the phone. Camera module will be updated and we have yet to find out what new features Samsung will be providing its users with in that department. The screen is said to be brighter than before and we are already really impressed with Samsung screens. The battery capacity has also been increased to 4,000mAh which will be able to provide video playback of up to 26 hours straight. This would be probably one of the best video playback times in the world.

So with the best ingredients cooking on the tech stove, there is plenty to look forward to with the launch of Galaxy Note 9. This is going to be the most versatile mobile phone in the world with its new stylus features and improved camera features. There is still a month’s wait as we deliver the news to you.

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