Gamers Rejoice | Nvidia Launched Next Gen Graphic Cards


Gamecom has brought some of the best news for gamers this year and it is safe to say that Nvidia hasn’t held back. Nvidia has launched the next generation of graphics cards. GeForce RTX is based on the company’s new Turning architecture which makes it more powerful than its predecessors by a mile.

GeForce RTX focuses on real time ray tracing application in AI and gaming as well. Nvidia claims that Turning architecture is 6x faster than the previous Pascal architecture. Turning architecture replaces CUDA cores with RT cores. There are Tensor cores for AI. Nvidia is looking to focus on all aspects when it comes to eighth generation of its graphics cards and a huge development has taken place in the AI department.

The products launching are RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti. There is NGX as well which is the neural graphics framework for AI algorithims. The GDDR6 memory has a bandwidth of 600GB/s. The new graphic cards will also support USB Type-C connections and VirtualLink. There are plenty of other technologies as well like Variable Rate Shading, Multi-View rendering and VRWorks Audio.

The starting price of these cards will be $499 and will be available by September 20th from Nvidia and the OEMs in coming October.

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