Google Pixel 3 Leak


The success of Pixel phones has really put Google on the map as a phone manufacturer. There are still improvements that can be made to the hardware such as styling and design, but that is subjective. Apart from that, Pixel phones have the firepower to compete with the best. The latest leak comes to us as a surprise. Google Pixel 3 has been leaked on the internet and there is plenty to like about the device.

Pixel 3 comes with two front facing cameras and a display notch. Display will have FHD+ resolution. Live image leak also shows that the phone with carry the Snapdragon 845 along with 4GB of RAM. There will be HTC extras too like the squeeze. Pixel 3 will have a single camera unit at the back. The screen will measure less than 6 inches as anything above 6-inches falls into the XL category.

Google Pixel 3XL

The Google Pixel 3XL model comes with top notch specs. Following Apple, Goolge has integrated the dual-camera setup in the more expensive variant. There is no headphone jack which should be no surprise. The Pixel 3XL also supports a notch with dual front facing cameras. As per the previous rumors, Pixel 3XL will have dual cameras at the back. Pixel 3XL will be powered by SD 845 with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

Things are heating up this year after Apple introduced the notch and Animojis. Other phone manufacturers are now trying to come up with something unique on those lines. Let’s see what Google has up its sleeve given there are just a couple of months till the Pixel phone launch.


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