Huawei surpasses Apple

The biggest news of today comes from China. Huawei has replaced Apple as the world’s second largest phone manufacturer. Huawei sales have surpassed that of Apple’s and the next target in sight is Samsung.

Recently, Huawei has produced some of the most amazing products we have seen like the P20 and Mate 10. Huawei has also been a strong player in mid-range phones competing with Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and Xiaomi. Huawei has registered 41% YoY growth which is one of the best the tech industry has ever seen on such a large scale.

Huawei doesn’t seem to stop there at all. Mate 20 is in the pipelines and it is going to come with the most powerful GPU in the world which Huawei will be building itself. Mate 20 will also have a curved AMOLED display. This will compete directly with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8. Furthermore, Huawei P20 Pro has scored the highest in DxOMark ratings so we can expect Mate 20 to be an even more capable device.

The future seems really bright for Huawei as it is for other Chinese phone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo. Huawei is really revolutionizing the industry with its latest technologies and in-house processors.

Samsung needs to think hard as Galaxy S9 hasn’t sold as many units as it was expected to. In the race of smartphones Sony has really lacked behind due to their rigid policies and rumors are that Sony will sell its sell phone business if it keeps on going at this rate.

The world of tech is really unforgiving, the rise and fall is really quick and so we have seen plenty of examples in the past. We would love to see newer technological advancements by Huawei though as they are really making their mark despite other companies falling behind. Mate 20 comes in August and it will surely surpass rest of its competition as it has done in the past. We also have to keep in mind that Apple will be launching cheaper version of the iPhone this year.