Huawei Mate 20 With Kirin 980 | Smartest Smartphone Ever To Arrive


Mate 20 will be the phone to beat when it launches. The phone has been in leaking online and the latest rumor suggests that it will be powered by the most powerful processor of this year. Kirin 980 will have a big and little cluster combination. The chip will have an octa-core processor with AI for performing various tasks. As we saw with the launch of Mate 10, Kirin processors now perform the best resource management. Mate 10 really out did itself during its presentation. It beat most of the phones while performing various tasks when it launched. Mate 20 will bring the best foot forward too and there are a lot of features that we are looking forward to.

Kirin 980 will have Cortex-77 core. Although, ARM Cortex-76 has been launched but if ARM has another wild card up its sleeve, it is only a matter of time we get to experience it in the latest mate 20. For the first time we will be getting Huawei’s in-house GPU and rumors have it that it will beat the king Adreno 630 by 50% in performance. This will make Mate 20 the most powerful and intelligent phone in the world when it launches. We have our hopes high with Huawei putting in their best work. Mate series has been our most favorite series from Huawei because of the technological advancements that are implemented.

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