Huawei Takes A Jab At Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9


Mocking is the new thing in tech industry and this time Huawei takes a jab at Samsung on the launch of its Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has been mocking Apple every now and then but this time around, Huawei mocks Samsung for not providing the users with a proper generation upgrade and this is raised a concern at tech geeks around the world before the device rolls out.

Huawei took it to Twitter to make the statement but didn’t mention Samsung directly. The timing of the Tweet shows that Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro will be a significant upgrade of the predecessor Mate 10. The tweet read “We took a leap when we launched the Huawei P20 Pro, we’re all about real upgrades that will make a difference everyday like a triple lens camera with 40mp, 5x zoom and much more. Imagine what will come next”.

Huawei P20 Pro will come with four rear cameras, which will be the most any phone has ever packed. The Kirin 980 processor will also feature all new AI tech. There would be curved AMOLED screen on the phone. This will compete directly with the Note 9. There is not a long time left for Mate 20 Pro to make its world debut.

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