Instagram’s New Feature


Instagram has finally come up with something innovative on their own. They have introduced a new way of starting a poll which is called the emoji slider. It is actually a sticker that you can place after uploading a video or photo. You can then type a question you want to ask your followers. This is an intuitive way of starting a poll. We really like the innovation considering the fact that usual polls are boring.

The emoji slider can be placed anywhere on the screen. People can slide it left or right until it matches the answer to your question. Once they cast their vote, the slider will then show average response to the question. Instagram claims that the slider will “help you get closer to your friends and followers”.

The update is currently rolling out for iOS and Android. This will also help in social media marketing. People might have quite interesting polls from now on which are more intuitive and fun. Furthermore, analysis can also be done on which type of content do the followers find better.

All we have to see now is how Snapchat reacts to Instagram’s new innovation. Will Snapchat come up with something more engaging or will they just plainly copy Instagram?

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