The iPhone 7 is all what you could wish for and more. Having the latest and greatest processor of all times is just the start of things for the iPhone 7. With bigger RAM, faster processor, better camera with excellent low light photos, water proofing, quad tone flash, brighter and more accurate display, haptic feedback for the home button and the removal of headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is the king of smartphones. iPhone 7 Rocks simply!

One might argue that these are just incremental changes of an already good device that cannot reach its potential with the current apps and games but then again have we ever feared about the full potential. The advancements in technology are at a stage where they will only be incremental and not revolutionary. The rumors about a full screen front panel are gone now once the dust has settled but is there anything left to desire?

Now you will be able to take out your expensive iPhone out in the rain, use it during swimming or your hot tub weekends. Even if your dog carries it in its mouth, that won’t be a hassle. Sound like life cannot get any better than this, doesn’t it? We think so too. The fact is that having your favorite phone with these advancements is a dream come true. This is the eventual progress that was destined for the phone.

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With the removal of the headphone jack we are a bit skeptical as to how public will react to this fact after a few months. Right now it is just about getting your hands on your favorite phone and being the fastest to get it. The exclusion of the headphone jack will bother quite a few as those expensive cans might lose their quality despite the inclusion of the proprietary-to-headphone jack cable.

We are really excited about the iPhone’s new display. Although it might not be as good as the Super AMOLED of the Samsung but it definitely is the second best out there. The color accuracy is there and has been well calibrated. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first came across it. Hence another reason iPhone 7 rocks.

Moving on to the camera, the camera took excellent low light photos. The quad flash really helps the phone capture true tone images at night. With a better aperture at f/1.8, the camera will capture more light. This time around the iPhone 7 also has OIS (optical image stabilization). This helps iPhone 7 be the best in the camera competition. The Google Pixel has been one of the best in the camera department but with our head-to-head competition iPhone 7 excelled in quite a few departments. The low light photography is now the best it has been in any iPhone. Another good reason why the iPhone 7 rocks.

This makes it the best iPhone to date from Apple. This year has been all about incremental upgrades with all new innovation. We have given both sides of the argument as to why it is the best or the worst iPhone Apple has ever created.

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  1. iPhone 7 Sucks!
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