Android | Judy Is The New Malware Affecting Android


In the battle of good and bad it seems like evil has been prevailing in every aspect and this has also been true in the tech industry. Recently the world’s most visited app store was attacked i.e. Google Play store. Judy malware was found among 41 apps of Google Play store.

A huge number of devices were affected by the malware. According to a report by Check point, which is a security research firm. The purpose of Judy was very simple. It was to click ads on websites and generate revenue for the owner of the website. An algorithm was developed in order to click on ads on websites. From 8.5 million to 36.5 million devices have been affected by this malware. We really hope that Google installs more security checks for apps.

41 of the affected apps have been removed by the search giant from the Play store. Research is being carried out by Google on the affected apps and how the security checks missed it. Judy was really beneficial for website owners as clicks on ads generated revenues. Judy auto clicked all ads on websites which actually faked as if real people were interested in ads.

Research is being carried out by Google on the affected apps and how the security checks missed it

There are other apps on Play store that had auto clicking malware but those were removed. Only Judy managed to stay for that long or that is the app that we found out about. Now a days it seems as technology is progressing and people are being more dependent on it day-by-day, but the risks are also high and malwares like Judy are affecting millions of phones. It is only a matter of time when there will be special measures taken for people producing such bugs for phones as it makes users vulnerable. Apple is more secure as far as these malwares and bugs are concerned. We really hope Google also uses strict algorithms for managing the safety of their Play store and its users.

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