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LG G6 made a splash with all the new tech it had to offer. The phone had the best screen-to-body ratio. LG G6 was one hell of a head turner and we are proud to claim that LG has gotten its game right finally. LG has skipped on the modular design and has gone with a simple phone with all the basics right apart from the processor.

Yes, there is a lot to LG G6 than you think. There is that amazing screen, an all-new camera, new design but all of that with an old processor and RAM. So what is it really that made LG G series great again. The first thing about the LG G6 is its screen. Screen size measures at 5.7 inches, which is right in the Note series domain. The best part is the screen-to-body ratio which is 78.6%. This is near the infinity screen mark. The placement of the front camera is right up there and has not been changed. There is a single speaker at the bottom unlike Sony and Apple’s stereo speakers. The home button is at the back below the dual-camera setup. The screen has an odd 18:9 aspect ratio which means your 16:9 videos will be cut from either sides to make up for the ratio. The screen is QHD which is more than sufficient for a flagship now a days. 18:9 is gaining more popularity and once Samsung also goes for it in their Galaxy S8, this might soon become mainstream.

This time around LG G series has a first and we much appreciate the fact that G6 is IP68 certified. This means that dust and water cannot affect it within its given limits. What we don’t understand is that the back is made up of Gorilla Glass 5 and the front is made up of Gorilla Glass 3. It would have been much better if the front too was made up of Gorilla Glass 5. Gorilla Glass’s progression is really amazing, the glass gets thinner and more durable. This would’ve been appreciated since the front panel has a very thing screen-to-body ratio. LG has also forgone the modular design since it was a really bad implementation. Motorola has been way better in implementing the modular design.

This means that you can buy the LG G5 (current flagship) at a very cheap price with almost same specs from here.

The dual-camera setup in LG G6 provides the same functionality as the LG G5’s. One camera is a wide angle and the second one has a normal angle. They camera switches if you zoom out while taking the picture and normally one 13MP camera is operational. There are two 13MP cameras on the rear. The wide angle lens has 125° FOV and the normal lens has 71° FOV. The front-facing camera is 5MP only. LG managed to score Snapdragon 821 processor but that is so yesteryear flagship power. LG has also included a heat pipe that tends to keep the phone cool while running. The RAM on board is 4GB which too is yesteryear flagship power.

LG has come up with a really new cool UI design which heavily relies on squares given the screen aspect ratio. The phone will come with QuickCharge 3.0 in all regions. The phone is powered by a 3300mAh battery which should be sufficient for powering your phone for a whole day. There are features that are limited to regions only. Like US will get wireless charging built-in but other regions won’t.


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