New Snapchat Hardware To Have These Incredible Features


Snapchat has announced its 2nd generation of sunglasses. They have been doing everything and more to be the numero uno social media platform. The first generation of Snapchat sunglasses were an instant hit. Many of its users bought them right away causing a shortage and on top of that there was no other platform offering such functionality. Now we have a successor to the Snapchat sunglasses and they come with even more features than before.

To start things off, the new sunglasses are now smaller and more comfortable. The sunglasses have the capability to capture and upload on Snapchat instantly. This gives users a POV angle to share on their stories. The new sunglasses are now waterproof. Summers are going to be even better with POV stories on Snapchat of the beach or the pool. New Snapchat sunglasses are now able to capture still images as well, which wasn’t there before. The new videos can be recorded in HD resolution. Users can now record 10, 20 or 30 second videos.

There is also an improvement in the audio department with the sunglasses getting two microphones to record audio better. The videos will play with stereo sound as there would be two microphones recording your story. The image transfer is even faster on the new model. It is almost 3 to 4 times faster. The files are transferred via Wi-Fi.

The battery remains of the same capacity despite the improved quality and size. You will be able to shoot 70 videos before the battery goes out. The carry case will be able to charge the sunglasses four times before needing a charge itself. The charging mechanism remains the same with the new sunglasses.

The price of the Snapchat sunglasses is increased by $30 due to the improvements. The sunglasses are going to set you back $150. They will come in three colors, Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire. Prescription and polarized versions will also be available later.

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