Niantic | Pokemon Go AR Capabilities Enhanced


The tech world is leading towards AR of everything imaginable, there is a necessity of gamers that needs to be addressed. Pokemon Go has been by far the most successful implementation of AR gaming for masses. It has been one of the most successful games to take over our cellphones. The developer of the game Niantic doesn’t seem to stop at that.

Niantic has just acquired LA-based Seismic games. It has been dominating AR games and this latest acquisition goes to show where the company is headed. According to Niantic’s spokesperson, the company is looking forward to move in multiple directions in augmented reality.

Niantic’s real world platform gives third-party developers an opportunity to use AR technology which is behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go. The latest acquisition will give the platform a huge boost to developers around the world. There are certainly more amazing games that have yet to come.

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