Nokia 9 | Most Awaited Phone Of 2018?


Make way for Nokia 9 as it is going to be the ‘most awaited phone of 2019’, that is according to Nokia’s marketing team. Nokia will need a miracle to be the best phone manufacturer in the world now considering the time it lost in regaining stabilization. This hasn’t stopped buyers from buying Nokia phones though.

However, Nokia 9 is going to be the flagship phone to look out for. Nokia offers stock user interface along with good specs and a low price. These ingredients should be enough to push it in becoming the best seller of phones but given the innovation introduced by its competition, it seems to be a steep slope.

Nokia 9 will be only the third phone to use an OLED display apart from iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Use of OLED tech will make the phone expensive as well. Nokia 9 is said to have an on-screen fingerprint scanner too. The phone certainly sounds like a showstopper for now.

The main selling point for Nokia 9 will be its camera since the whole industry’s main focus is on making the best camera ever. We have moved on to triple cameras as well now (Huawei P20 Pro) and it has the highest DxOMark score. Each progressing year we see a new king of cameras in the phone arena.

Nokia should focus on making it the best music phone too as most companies are not giving sound the priority it deserves. For most users having your personal music player is just as important as capturing the best moments of your life perfectly.

There is only a little time left since we get to see the best flagship phones of 2018. IFA will also showcase the latest technology phone manufacturers have to offer. The camera race is on and we cannot be more excited to see the latest offering by world’s best tech companies.

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