The Note 7 started off as one of the hottest phone of the season literally (pun intended) and slowly Sammy ran into troubles. First off were the battery troubles that were to be blamed for the fire but now the troubles are even worse. The Note 7 exploding had made it the worst phone in Samsung’s history.

The new sources of fires cannot be detected which have led Samsung to recall of the Galaxy Note 7s globally. This in return has led Samsung to a predicted loss of $17 billion on top of the $3 billion for the recall.

This in return has led Samsung to a predicted loss of $17 billion on top of the $3 billion for the recall

Note has been the highlight of Samsung as this was the phone that defined Samsung’s innovation. They took a risk back in 2011 and reintroduced the stylus. It was an amazing hit, so big of a hit that Apple and other manufacturers started copying them hence the birth of iPhone plus series, Huawei Mate series, Xiaomi Note series and various others but none of them were as good as the Galaxy Note. The implementation of the stylus is the best it has ever been so much so that Note users didn’t switch until now for obvious reasons. It is sad to see a beast of a phone fall like this. The latest technologies introduced in the Note series were bound to make it the best phone in the market as these were extra features on top of the market flagships. The curved screen gave it an edge (pun intended).

The sheer screen real estate was its biggest selling point. Given AMOLED’s world’s leading technology and quality, the Note was a treat to use. We in our head office also prefer and recommend our users to go for Samsung AMOLED phones if their top priority is to watch their favorite shows or videos on their phones.

I really feel sad that Note 7 had to suffer this much. Replacements should have been good enough for a manufacturer like Samsung to get their game straight. Note 7 exploding in people’s home had them worried for their safety.

Note 7 Exploding Comeback!

I would recommend Samsung to go with the following options rather than kill the Note line

  • Re-launch the phone as Note 7s or Note 6
  • Re-brand the Note series and bring it under one umbrella Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S7 Note/Stylus/Pro. So it will be something like this one is a simple phone, one with curved screen and one with a curved screen and a stylus (the prices can be respective of their functionality)
  • Launch Note 8 directly
  • Introduce new colors in Note 5 and market them
  • Bank on the Note 5’s good image and introduce an all new Note 5s edition that has the latest specs and a slight design change with the same battery
  • Stop making the Note (which we do not recommend at all)
  • Make a small and funny ad campaign marketing the Note 7 as the hottest phone in history with a funny company logo and not use Samsung’s real name. Self-humor gets rid of bad image quickly as research suggests. It is like a spike in the graph and then the fall of the bad image hence returning people to the good image.
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