One Plus had taken Android bull by the horns when it came to the scene with its One Plus One. Now after a few years there has been a lot of love shown from Android fans to the One Plus. This brings us to One Plus 3T. One Plus has proved it yet again that to get flagship performance and specs you don’t need to empty your pockets.

What’s Different in One Plus 3T?

The One Plus 3T brings mostly the same specs as One Plus 3. It has the same screen size 5.5 inches with same screen resolution of 1080p. It includes the same USB Type-C jack. There is no expandable storage on board but just dual nano-sim. In order to get more storage you will have to opt for the 128GB version. However the new features include a bigger battery from 3000mAh to 3400mAh battery. There is a newer version of Oxygen OS. The processor is bigger now from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 to Snapdragon 821. The front camera is now 16MP which is a huge jump from the older version. The price goes slightly higher with an increment of $40 bring the price to $440.

Should I buy One Plus 3T?

The main question on our readers mind is should they go for it or not. We would suggest you stick to your One Plus 3 but in case you want the new iteration of the phone for the slight spec bumps only then you should purchase. These are just refreshed hardware specs and nothing more than that. The phone is still the same.

We strongly recommend One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T in our top 10 list of best phones in the world. Now that Black Friday is just around the corner. You need to break your piggy bank and head towards the stores to get one of the best Android phones the world has to offer.

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