OnePlus 6 | Flagship Killer Revised


OnePlus 6 finally launched and we are going gaga over the phone. The phone looks sexy with glass front and back. As usual the phone has flagship specifications and comes at a fraction of the price.

We will start off with the screen. The phone comes with an all new display measuring at 6.28-inches. The display is an optic AMOLED one which features accurate colors, good brightness and one of the best-in-class contrast. The phone has a 19:9 aspect ratio. The notch houses the ambient light sensor, ear piece and the front camera.

OnePlus 6 comes with dual-camera setup at the back which is capable of recording 4K at 60 fps. The phone can also shoot 480 fps slow-mo videos at 720p. The rear sensor is 19% larger than the previous one which was featured in 5T. A new feature for 2018 is the OIS. This is the first OnePlus phone to feature it. There are two cameras at the back with the resolution of 16MP and 20MP respectively. The Smart Capture feature automatically optimizes the image quality according to the scene. There is also a new HDR algorithm which is better than the previous one. The AI present in the phone’s chip helps in producing very promising bokehs and potraits.

Face unlocking is the fastest one in the world being as fast as 0.4s to unlock the phone. There is a fingerprint reader on the back of the phone as well. The security features on this phone are immaculate. We are really impressed with how well they have been implemented.

The phone has the greatest Snapdragon i.e. SD 845. This flagship processor has featured in Galaxy S9, Xperia XZ2 Premium and many other famous flagships of 2018. On top of all this, OnePlus has three configurations 6GB/64GB, 8GB/128GB, 8GB/264GB. The phone starts at $529 and goes up to $629. The battery is the same as it was in the 5T, which measures at 3,300mAh. There is DASH charge implementation which would charge the battery to almost 50% from zero, in half an hour. The phone has no MicroSD card slot as expected. The phone will be available for grabs on May 22nd.


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