OnePlus Bullets | Airpods Alternative Unleashed


Another high-end product was launched alongside OnePlus 6. The OnePlus Bullets are wireless Bluetooth headphones that are interconnected by a wire. This is the first time OnePlus has announced another device apart from a phone at a launch event.

Although OnePlus 6 has a headphone jack present but the execs thought that it would be nice to move with personal audio shifting the paradigm. These high quality headphones consist of magnets as well in order to make carrying easy. The design is comfortable and functional. The earbuds connect via Bluetooth with your device and feature 9.2mm drivers for deep and indulging sound.

A nice feature of the headphones is that they are waterproof. This means that a hard workout wouldn’t be a problem for you and cleaning will certainly be really easy. The earbuds can play up to 5 hours of music on a 10 minute charge which seems seriously impressive considering the competition. They are charged through a USB Type-C connection.

The OnePlus Bullets come at a bargain of a price of $69. We are definitely going to recommend these to all our users. OnePlus has shown quality in the past years and has become one of the best ‘bang for buck’ brands.

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