There was a time when the form factor of a phone really mattered but that has been history since we started getting candy bar shaped touch screen smartphones. This is all about to change once again, thanks to Samsung Galaxy X.

With Samsung and its latest tech soon there will be a time when we all will be owning foldable phones. Yes! You read that right a foldable phone. Samsung has shown its tech a lot of times where it demonstrated foldable screen technology. Heck! We also have curved edges thanks to Samsung.  Samsung and LG have been working on such tech for quite some time now and 2017 might be the year when we actually get to see foldable phones.

The two big Korean giants are planning on launching the phones this year. LG has named its tech Project Valley and Samsung has named it Galaxy X. For now there are strong rumors that Samsung will be launching the screen at the size of 8 inches for its foldable tablet, the Galaxy X. The tablet will be launching by the end of 2017 as a prototype. Samsung has been really strong in developing foldable tech and it is something to look forward to. We have already seen the miracles OLEDs can do and it is only a matter of time when we will be having foldable phones in our hands.

The foldable phones will certainly be saving a lot of space as bezels will be out of question. The foldable phones will help us carry 8 inch tabs in our pockets which have trouble accommodating 6 inch current day phablets.

One of the major reasons for the tablets to not catch as much traction as phones is because they are not pocket friendly in any way. I personally use a 7 inch tablet as a daily driver since Pro tabs take as much space as a laptop minus the keyboard.

Technology has really shown us that our wildest dreams are pretty much possible. It is just a matter of time when we will see a better implementation of a foldable screen by Apple or will Samsung have the first mover’s advantage. We can only hope that this makes our lives even more convenient than they are right now rather than just being an expensive gimmick to show off at our social gatherings.

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