Samsung Giving Galaxy Note 9 giving free Fornite V-Bucks


The next big thing in mobile industry is mobile gaming. Quite a few players have tried their hand at it but only a few have managed to find success when they have associated themselves to mobile gaming. Samsung has taken an all-new approach towards mobile gaming. Samsung is giving away free Fornite V-Bucks to consumers who pre-order Galaxy Note 9.

Something tells us that Samsung is pulling all stops when it comes to promoting the new Note series especially since it suffered massively due to the battery-gate of Galaxy Note 7. Note 9 is said to surpass its competition in most aspects as well. This might not be true since Mate 20 might be launching with all new tricks up its sleeve. Those V-Bucks are worth $150. Getting these for free along with an epic phone might be a dream come true for most gamers. Certainly the powerhouse Galaxy Note 9 will have enough juice and power for those long hours of Fornite.

For now, only iOS users get to play Fortnite but that will soon change. We just hope for cross platform gaming otherwise there will be very few Fortnite players for Samsung users to play with in the beginning.

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