Nostalgic marketing is at the very best now a days as companies look to milk their previous inventions that had a huge connection with their consumers. Jumping on this bandwagon is Sony’s Playstation 1. After more than successful launch of Nintendo NES console, Sony has decided to take up the same strategy and implement it with Playstation 1. Nintendo after launching NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini had crossed its expected sales targets so much so that they were failing to meet consumer demand. Both consoles had better graphics option, compact design and pre-installed fan favorite games.

Nintendo is now planning N64 Classis remake. Sony, after seeing so much success is planning on launching its own version of the old Playstation 1.

This will certainly hit quite a few chords with the old generation of gamers and the new gamers who are looking forward to how gaming evolved before them. The price is going to be really cheap which will make it a hit. We might get to see Playstation 1 this time around at E3.


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