Sony RX100 V | World’s Best Point And Shoot


The era of point and shoot cameras is slowly fading away but it has not stopped Sony from making the most powerful point and shoot camera to date. Sony’s RX series has been acknowledged by the world as being the best camera in its class and there is a major reason for it. Sony is the world’s largest producer of image sensors and they make top tier cameras.

Sony has updated RX100 V camera with a faster BIONZ X processor. This means faster and better image processing and shooting. The camera has enhanced Eye AF setting and the device can buffer 233 frames instead of 150 frames on continuous shooting. That alone is the best figure for its class. The UI is now faster and more buttery for improved experience. RX100 V now has a new menu as well which has custom menu feature as well. The rest of the features are the same. The price is $999.99 which for many of us is quite steep. We have yet to see the reviews once the device is out.

Sony has really made its name in cameras in the past few years and the quality of its cameras keeps in improving. We would like to know what your cup of tea is when it comes to selecting a camera.

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