Sony Xperia Coming With A Whopping 48MP Camera


As the competition heats up, smartphone manufacturers are focusing on making the best cameras for their flagships. One name stands out the most and that is Sony. They are the largest cell phone camera manufacturers in the world but unfortunately they have lacked behind the competition. Sony flagship phones have never been able to beat their competition when it has come to cameras but they certainly have been very competitive. There have been certain flaws that Sony has not addressed in the past few years. Sharpness of images has varied in different light conditions as well. This all has changed with Xperia XZ2 Premium.

With Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia XZ2 Premium, Sony has really out done itself. They have resolved all long standing flaws that were found in their older flagship models. The dual-camera setup has really been star of the show for Sony. Now, building on that, Sony will be introducing its all new 48MP sensor in its next flagship. Seems like they really took the criticism seriously. The new sensor has a higher resolution than Huawei P20 Pro, which had a resolution of 40MP and uses the same Quad Bayer technology. This will make Xperia XZ3 the most technologically advanced phone in the world when it launches on August 30th at IFA.

Sony really has all the pulled out all stops here. They need to update their interface and market their phones better. Lack of good marketing along with old designs and old UI has really made Xperia phones suffer in the past. Xperia series had the most stylish cell phone line up and a huge market share at one point in time on which Sony failed to build on. It is sad to see Sony’s mobile division struggle to stay afloat. However, with changes in higher management there seem to be new strategy for cell phones. We finally got a new design language for Sony phones for a start.

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