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When was the last time that you heard that Sony is making huge waves in the mobile world? Yes, we can’t remember that as well but luckily after a long time we get to hear that news again. This news coming in the era of iPhones and Galaxys is really something big. Sony has won many hearts at MWC 2017 after it launched Xperia XZ Premium.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium has all the ingredients to make it the best phone in the world right now especially knowing it could capitalize on Samasung not launching the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017. Sony has always been good with including new extra tech which its consumers don’t realize due to terrible marketing of its phone division. The extra tech is in there which helps the users a lot. Like Sony is giving High-Res Audio in its phones since Xperia Z2, active noise cancellation (the first through a device rather than headphones), Triluminos display  which has a wider color gamut for a screen, one of the brightest screens on a phone in the world, world’s fastest camera, world’s most advanced auto-focus tech with world’s first phase detection tech on a phone, world’s first DRAM camera with world’s fastest auto-focus, world’s most advanced slow-motion videos at 960 fps, world’s highest ISO for a phone camera, a phone that supports PS4 streaming (remote play), DSEE (digital sound enhancing engine) which upscales the audio quality of songs, highest megapixel count on any Android phone, first Android to offer waterproofing, world’s first phone with LDAC support and much more. These all techs were introduced in their Xperia Z line (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z5, XZ, XZs, XZ Premium) models as they were made. Other phone brands have caught up on quite a few of the tech but are still lacking most of it. Sony now has laser auto-focus too on its phones.

Sony is there to make a mark but by not tapping into various big markets like US and South American markets, it is losing on quite a lot. Moreover their marketing has not been really effective in getting its message across to the users. Being a tech blogger is the reason I know about Sony’s in-depth tech, which a normal person might not know that well. By launching its phones in MWC, most of the marketing is covered initially but later on a reminder is required and good offers are always a good catch like Samsung gives.

Sony stormed the MWC 2017 floor with its slew of offerings but the brightest star of the event was the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony stormed the MWC 2017 floor with its slew of offerings but the brightest star of the event was the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. With its new 4K screen with HDR display (first in the world for 4K screen on a phone and 4K HDR), Sony has really rocketed ahead of its competition. That mixed with a great design, is a recipe for success. We don’t know how Sony managed to secure Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and LG couldn’t but that makes Sony Xperia XZ Premium great. There is a totally new module for the camera and knowing 90% of imaging sensors (in mobiles and cameras) come from Sony, it was only a matter of time Sony excelled the competition in imagery. The body is Gorilla Glass 5 (the best in class) and the speakers in the front are S Force branded which technically means they will be way loud and have great audio quality.

Xperia XZ Premium MWC 2017

Coming to the downsides of the phone, the phone’s color scheme is far from practical since it has a mirror reflection and is very distracting when using the phone. The phone also has bigger bezels which is not a big deal but considering it is MWC 2017 the end of bezels for flagships (LG G6 actually). We would have been huge fans of smaller bezels. Apart from that, the phone could’ve come up with a bigger battery which would have been really nice considering a 4K screen which could always use more juice to run that extra hour when you haven’t charged your phone.

Overall we are huge fans of the phone. The phone practically offers everything and more. The screen is 40% brighter than the previous 4K panel offered by Sony in the Xperia Z5 Premium. You can buy the only other phone that comes in chrome and has a 4K screen at a very reasonable price right here. The screen has HDR which is best for any screen size. Though one might argue the insane resolution of 4K in a small screen is not effective but we definitely know that HDR will do wonders especially in this size of a screen. This is due to HDR putting out best contrast in punchy colors, better night scenes and best of all the new panel is 40% brighter. We were stunned by the screen and couldn’t look away before someone snapped us out of it.

The other best bit of the phone is the camera. At a resolution of 19 megapixels, this is the first time Sony has opted for a lower resolution than a previous iteration of its phone but this time around Sony has played a better game with bigger pixels. What bigger pixels mean is better low light photography. The next amazing thing about the camera is due to the camera having its own memory while shooting, it doesn’t get any shutter roll which tends to distort your picture, and more over the phone captures 4 pictures even before you click the shutter button, making sure you never miss a shot. Another amazing feature about the camera is that it shoots 960 fps slow motion videos at 720p. The closet any phone can record slow motion is 240 fps. Sony has also now included SteadyShot (digital image stabilization) in its phone which works better than OIS (optical image stabilization). This means the best 4K videos from any phone.

We are really excited with the innovation Sony is bringing in its phones. We really hope Sony can cash on these features and make the most of it. American users have been waiting for something different and one of the best brands to do it is Sony without a doubt.

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