Surface Go | Next Big Budget Tablet By MicroSoft


Tablets have never been the ‘go to’ product for tech geeks around the world but they are certainly a must have. This has been largely due to their limited functionality and mobility when compared to computers and mobiles respectively. Microsoft, however is looking forward to change that with their latest introduction of Surface Go.

Surface Go seems to answer all the questions about having a useful tab but with half the performance. The specs of Surface Go are not the most powerful but the functionality is right there with the most powerful tablets. Surface Go starts at $399 which is pretty reasonable.

The cost cutting is evident as Surface Go replaces Core – I series processors for Pentium processors. This improves the battery life but the hardcore performance is compromised. This is a 10-inch tablet unlike the Surface Pro which is 12.3-inches.

The small size of Surface Go actually benefits it in mobility and the functionality is the same as Surface Go with the keyboard cover and stylus working the same as on Surface Go. The new option on Surface Go is that it supports USB Type – C port for charging.

Surface GO pricing

Apart from the good part about the base price of Surface Go there are a few things that may add to misery of the buyers. Microsoft is selling the keyboard cover separately which would cost $99. The Surface Pen is also sold separately for $99 as well. This takes the price to $600 for which you can get pretty reasonable laptops. The functionality is the main attraction here as Microsoft has evolved Surface as one of the most functional computing devices of this decade.

The Surface Go is a really handy tablet considering that it will perform all basic tasks with breeze. According to us this should be the eventual step in which computing would head towards. We highly recommend this tablet for everyday use once the reviews are out.

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