Whatsapp just keep getting better and better every day. Whatsapp is releasing yet another update which is going to make our lives easier.

Whatsapp has been the most famous instant messaging service in the world. With more than a billion downloads, yes you read that right. With more than a billion downloads, it is the world’s greatest IM app ever to hit our smartphones. With its simple interface and versatile capabilities, one cannot help but fall in love with it.

Whatsapp secret recipe!

Whatsapp has release yet another useful feature. Now you will be able to watch videos without downloading them on your phone. Yes! No more running out of space, no more skipping downloads of videos, no more annoying group with video spamming. You can just stream the video and download it at your own discretion. We are expecting this feature to help increase the sales of 32GB iPhone 7s and non-expandable storage base model Android flagships in the short run. Yes that is how much people use Whatsapp. Ever noticed how many images and videos are sent to you by Whatsapp. Just go to the storage menu of your phone and check it out. You will be amazed by what you will see. The folder with the most files in your Gallery would be the Whatsapp folder.

The video streaming feature is currently available only in the beta version but will roll out slowly for other versions as well. Whatsapp is taking it up a notch.

With the video calling feature launched in the recent times, Whatsapp is really taking it to the other IM applications like Skype, Line, Facebook messenger and others.

Rumors are there that Whatsapp is also testing a new feature of stories just like Snapchat. After giving the feature of editing photos before you send them with an interface just like Snapchat, Whatsapp would really be giving Snapchat a run for its money.

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