Xiaomi Black Shark | The Cheapest Spec Beast


Phone manufacturers have always tried to be the next by coming up with something innovative or capturing a niche that pays them off really well. Xiaomi has now tried its hands where a few other phone manufacturers have already tried and failed. Xiaomi has launched its first gaming phone called the Black Shark. The offering by Xiaomi has a few surprise treats for the users, one of them is being really cost effective.

Xiaomi Black Shark Is A Stunning Device

The phone comes in all black casing with green logo and lines running through the body. This is no different because Razer phone has the same color theme. Apart from the color theme the phone has really powerful specs.

Xiaomi Black Shark runs on Snapdragon 845 processor with 8GB RAM. This configuration is powered by a 4,000mAh battery. The display is a 1080p IPS LCD at 21:9. Xiaomi doesn’t mention if there is a high refresh rate of the screen which would benefit the gamers immensely. The phone includes liquid cooling which keeps the temperature of the phone down by 8 degrees Celsius.

The Black Shark phone also improves on gaming by having an analog stick that can be attached on one side of the phone. We don’t get any huge controllers or casings for now. The phone is a really good-looking one with its neon and black theme.

Xiaomi has made the right move considering multiplayer platforms are introducing themselves on mobiles as well. PUBG has been launched recently and it has become a huge hit on cell phone as well. Nokia, Sony and a few other manufacturers had tried launching gaming phones before but failed. The phone needed to be mainstream with practical peripherals which seems like the approach Xiaomi has taken with its new offering.

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