Xperia XZ4 Leaks | Sony’s Last Hurrah


Sony has been trying really hard to be relevant again but is failing badly. All their flagship offering fall short of one key spec. That was until now. Xperia XZ4 leaks tell us that it is something promising and will feature all the nifty software and hardware enhancements that Sony offers.

We were pleased by the Xperia XZ3, because of its great performance, excellent software enhancements and a good camera. Sony Xperia XZ4 will up the game by a lot considering it will be one of those devices that has the best screen-to-body ratio. We have already gone through the picture leaks and they seem amazing. Sony needs to improve in the camera department which seems to be the most focused touch point of all current gen buyers in the market.

The phone is said to come with SD 855 which is going to be powering most of the flagships of 2019. Sony will be using OLED display and it blows its competition out of the water. The screen will be huge, measuring up to 6.5 inches. The phone will have 6GB of RAM. We really miss the time when Sony used to give huge RAMs as gimmick. The battery will be 4,400mAh which will power the phone for more than a day. The main catch of the phone is the aspect ratio of 21:9. This will be the best phone to watch video content on the go knowing how Sony reproduces video quality.

After Sony closed its operations in South Asia, there seems to be very little left for Sony to fight for. Once the company ruled Android world with almost 80% share. Sliding from that, it has surely been a rollercoaster. For die hard Sony fans, they know what Sony is capable of and how it is better than all other xz4 leaks

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